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Monday, October 24, 2011

I finally decided to start taking a few photography appointments for the fall and had to share a preview of my first session from this past weekend!

I've always dreamed of being a photographer and it feels good to be in a place where I can do what I love and get paid for it! Since taking a break from doing photography for the public, I have learned a lot about the business side of photography. I have also upgraded my camera, editing software and computer. All of these changes should make my life easier, my photography better and help me to return the finished product to my customers faster! Yay!

In an effort to keep my life in balance, I am only going to be taking a few appointments here and there. I have four sessions booked for this fall and won't be taking anymore unless I am caught up and the weather is nice after Thanksgiving. I hope to be able to do what I enjoy while making sure I am not neglecting my family or myself.

I have raised my prices.  You can find more information about my prices in the "Investment" section of my blog. If you are wondering why is she charging so much more, then please take time to read this article on custom photography. Custom photography (or lifestyle photography) is my favorite style of photography. I don't like for  my pictures to be posed and awkward. I want to capture families as they truly are when they spend time together.  It normally takes me about 8 hours to complete a photo session - from taking the pictures to handing the CD or prints to the customer.

I will continue to offer digital files on CD for a small fee. I am excited to also offer my services of selling prints from a professional lab to you at an affordable rate.  You can also see these prices in the Investment section of my blog.

If the weather continues to be mild after Christmas, I may take a few appointments this winter. If it's another cold winter, I will take more appointments this spring when the weather starts getting warmer. I'm excited about the future of my photography business, and can't wait to share a few picture from my upcoming sessions!

I will be posting pictures from my first session in a few days!  I can't wait to share them!!

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