Bella's Room Redo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Since I have taken a break from photography, I have enjoyed doing things I haven't had time for like converting Bella's room into a big girl room.  I love the new trend of decorating with trees, owls and anything that flies.  We changed from a soft "baby" pink and brown damask and cherry blossom nursery to woodland creatures and brighter colors.  I am obsessed with turquoise right now and love mixing it with bright pink!

The good thing about having a little girl with two older sisters is there are plenty of unused girly decorations just asking to be used again!  I used a lot of Matraca's old decorations, a few of Brittany's and even a few of my old decorations from when I was a little girl.  I spray painted the two pink butterflies that hung in my room when I was a little girl!  It's great to be able to reuse things and update them with a little spray paint and save money!

I love Bella's cute little toddler bed that we ordered online from Wal-Mart a couple months ago!  It fits so well in her small room!  Maybe she will still fit in it when she is in high school!?!  ha!  Her bedding came from Target!  Love that store! I ordered the tree decals from Toys R Us.  I think the tree is perfect on the turquoise wall.

When my brother and I were little, we each had one of these little rocking chairs.  When my niece, Camryn, was born, my mom painted one pink and gave it to her.  And then did the same thing for Bella.  The dragonflies and butterflies hanging on the ceiling were Matraca's!  I bought Bella's little "night stand" at an antique store in Muenster, Texas for $10!

Bought this cute door sign from an Etsy shop!

We bought the adorable white table and chairs for Bella at Ikea a few weeks ago in Austin.  It was very affordable and just what I was looking for.  The little brown chair goes with the little table I am using for a night stand.

My parents made the beautiful metal wall hanging and I love it!

I also bought the four cute wall hangings from an Etsy shop and the owls were my great-grandmothers!  Little girl rooms are so much fun!  I love to decorate, redo and rearrange rooms and decor!  Thankfully, Kevin is kind and patient enough to let me. : )

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Nikki said...

Bella's room is beautiful.... fit for a little princess :)

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