Out with Summer, In with School - {Update on my Family}

Monday, August 23, 2010

Here are a few ways we ended Summer 2010...........

Here is Nick on his way to his first day of 7th grade at Childress Junior High School today.  With 7th grade, comes Nick's first year of athletics.  Like every other mom in the world, I am nervous about Nick playing tackle football, but I think it will be good for Nick.  I just hope I don't have to hear about every ache and pain he is about to feel!  I am excited to be serving as an officer on the Bobkitten Boosters.  I think it will be a fun way to volunteer and help out the kids.  Nick has turned out to be such a handsome, well behaved young man.  I am so proud of him.  It's still so strange to be the parent of a TEENAGER!!

HERE is a link to my post from Nick's first day of school last year.  I didn't realize until I looked up this post how much Nick has changed since last summer!
We have enjoyed some long overdue bonding time with Brittany after her return mid-July from South Africa.  Bella was just about to turn one when Brittany left, so a lot has changed in our household.  Since Matraca has been in New Zealand for a few months, Bella was confused when Brittany first came home and kept calling her Matraca.  Brittany is now getting settled in at her new apartment in Austin, so she can start her last year at the University of Texas this week.  I just wish Matraca could have been home with us, too.  We really miss her!

Brittany's birthday cake was made by Holly Moya and was of the South Africa flag.

Bella has been enjoying reading books before bedtime with her Daddy.

We've been playing in the water a lot in the backyard and at the Country Club.  Bella is part girl, part mermaid or fish.  She LOVES the water and has no fear!!

Kevin and I got to spend a much needed weekend away in Oklahoma City without the kids.  It's the longest I've ever been away from Bella, so I was actually a little lost.  It was a good break for me to be away from the house and from two year old tantrums. : )  We watched three movies, visited Bricktown and ate lots of good food!  Now I am looking forward to all things fall - changing colors, cooler weather, anything with pumpkins or the smell of pumpkins and Halloween!!

This has been the busiest, craziest, funnest and most stressful summer of my life!  I have really been having a hard time finding time to sit down and edit pictures between Bella not napping much and Nick and all of our neighborhood kids being home.  I am really going to miss doing photography (I already do), but I know it is best for me and my family for me to take a break.  I do plan on starting back, hopefully in a year.  I am going to keep practicing and learning, so my photography should be bigger and better than ever before!  I still have seven more sessions to edit, so be on the lookout for more updates!!

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