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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hadlee Nichole Fore is the three month old daughter of Trent and Tosha Fore of Childress.  I went to their house to take pictures of Hadlee playing in her adorable nursery.  Hadlee, Tosha and I made a huge mess in her bedroom dragging out blankets, bows, clothes and toys for the pictures.  I love the idea of lifestyle photography - capturing little ones in their own home environment where they are most comfortable.  I think it is more memorable to look back at portraits done in their own nursery rather than in the park or somewhere else that has no meaning.

I always enjoy doing baby girl pictures - they have to be my favorites.  Baby girls are just too much fun to dress up and accessorize and they are not old enough to say they don't want to wear or do this or that.  I seriously could have taken her home with me!  She made me miss Bella being a tiny baby wearing big bows and headbands!  Ah, those were the days.

                                               Laying in bed watching the pretty birds on the mobile.

The pretty tree that Tosha and her mom painted in the nursery.

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