The Girls from Choppers - {Childress, Texas Commercial Photographer}

Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing the girls from Choppers - (L to R) Misty Sides, Larissa Detwiler (owner), Tosha Fore and Ashley Love.  These girls cut, trim and beautify the hair for everyone in my family and are awesome!  The coolest part is that two are sisters, two are sisters in law and they are all best friends.  Larissa and Ashley are also my nieces by marriage!  If your hair needs a miracle, these girls are the ones to call!  We took these pictures at the old Rucker building on Hwy. 287 in Childress.  Kevin thinks this old building would make a neat restaurant.  It does have a lot of potential.  My FAVORITE pictures are coming up in the next post!  I can't wait to show them off!!

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Claudia said...

wow - really like those pics

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