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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bella and I took advantage of the cool, wet weather last Friday afternoon right before it started pouring down rain.  These are her fun "almost" two year pictures.  I can't wait to take her real two year portraits with her new big girl hair cut and pink and zebra tutu!!  Tomorrow we will celebrate her birthday with a family party and lots of zebra and hot pink decorations!  I can't wait!  Little girl parties are so much fun!

Happy early birthday, Bella!  I will be busy with Nick's awards ceremony at school and preparing for Bella's party, so I decided to go ahead and post this today.  I can't believe she is already turning two!  They just grow up way too fast!

Here are some facts I want to remember about Bella at the age of 2 (Since I have been terrible about keeping up her baby book - she's my second child, what can I say!  Being able to post memories on the computer/internet is such a fun and easy way to jot down memories!):
  • She weighs just over 25 pounds and wears some 18 month clothing, and mostly 24 month/2T.  She is in a size 4 diaper.
  • She is definitely in her terrible terriffic twos.  All attitude, all day!
  • She usually sleeps all night - usually from 10 or 10:30 p.m. until I wake her up at 8:30 or 9 a.m!  She loves being in her bed and sleeping with Minnie Mouse.
  • She decided to start potty training all on her own.  She will go #2 in the potty, but isn't sure about going "tee-tee" in the potty yet.  She loves getting to wear big girl panties when we are at home.
  • She is very bossy and sassy.
  • She loves being outside, playing with her baby kitties and on her new swing set.
  • Bella loves to sing.  Her favorite songs are "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Holy, Holy, Holy".  She loves to sing in church, but only during the prayer or when everyone is quiet. ha!
  • She loves going to her Bible class at church and playing in the nursery with her friends.  She also loves to be loud during "big church". ha!
  • She has just started playing with baby dolls (finally!).  She feeds them their bottle, rocks them and changes their diapers.
  • She has become very girly and loves purses, shoes, dresses and makeup, but she still has a little bit of tom boy in her.  She still loves to play ball and get dirty.  A good mixture of both worlds. : )
  • She doesn't like to eat breakfast, but usually eats anything we put in front of her from lunch until the end of the day.  Her favorite foods are strawberries, grapes, bananas, apples - okay, all fruit - chicken nuggets and french fries, pizza with ranch, corn, popscicles, salad - especially tomatoes, pasta of any kind and anything else that is loaded with sugar or chocolate.  She still drinks from a sippy cup, but prefers to drink from a cup with a straw.  She also loves chocolate milk and cherry limeaids from Sonic.  (Oops!)
  • She adores her big brother, Nick, and big sister, Matraca, and loves talking about her big sister, "Brit-Brit".
  • She is a momma's girl, but really loves having fun with her daddy.  She calls her daddy "Kevin" and sometimes calls me "Ericka".
  • She loves playing with her best buds, Olivia and Jonah Reed.  She loves doing girly things with Olivia and enjoys playing ball or monster trucks with Jonah.
  • She could spend all day playing with her blocks and building things.
  • She loves watching movies and TV.  Her favorites are Toy Story and Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Dora and Max and Ruby.
Happy 2nd birthday, Bella!  You have blessed our lives beyond measure!

This is Bella's birthday party invite I made yesterday.  I LOVE designing things on the computer like this if anyone ever needs an invitation or announcement made!

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Amy O'Connor said...

It looks like Bella had a blast playing in the water! I'm glad you listed her eating style. Makes me not feel so bad that Kaitlan doesn't care for breakfast. The two of them actually sound to be two of a kind!

Happy 2nd Birthday Bella!!!

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