Spring Break 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kevin and I took off for spring break last week and went camping in a travel trailer in Ruidiso, NM for five nights.  I must say I am proud of myself for "roughing" it in a travel trailer in the winter for so long.  I loved it and it was fun, but the shower did not want me to have any hot water, the elevation turned my stomach upside down for a couple of days and it was cold when we ran out of propane during the night!  I didn't even complain very much. ha!  We are so thankful that Kevin's sweet sister, Kimbra, let us stay there!

We went shopping in Cloudcroft on Sunday.  It was a cute little town and not nearly as crowded as Ruidoso.  Some of my favorite stores were the Copper Butterfly, The Turquoise Shop and I really liked Off the Beaten Path.  All cute stores!

Sunday after we ate lunch my stomach started hurting and making wierd noises and by Sunday night I was sick.  I stayed sick all through the night and part of Monday.  I am not sure if it was elevation sickness or a bug.  I have gotten sick just about every time I've been to the mountains, but it has never lasted as long as it did this time.  Either way it was no fun.  Luckily Monday was a yucky day.  It was snowing and raining all day and we weren't able to do much of anything that day anyway.  We enjoyed the day hanging out in the trailer and watching movies.

Here we are hanging out at the trailer park.

Bella was acting like my dad and gathering up all the firewood in the area.  My dad loves to gather firewood (and I love to burn it!)  Don't worry, Kimbra, we didn't have any fires in the travel trailer. : )

Keb Mo

We originally planned on skiing at Ski Apache, just outside of Ruidoso, but since it snowed on Monday, we weren't sure if we would be able to make the drive up the mountain without buying chains for our tires (very expensive).  When I saw a map of the road that you have to take to Ski Apache, I was not interested.  The only thing I could compare that road to was the chart that recorded labor contractions when I was pregnant with Bella.  Lots of sharp turns and steep, winding roads.  No thank you!  We discovered while shopping at Cloudcroft that they had a small ski area just outside of town.  It was an hour drive for us, but the road looked much safer than the one to Ski Apache.  Here is Nick trying on his ski boots at Ski Cloudcroft.

Kevin watched Bella while Nick and I went skiing.

Bella met a new snowman friend.  She wasn't crazy about the snow or the bright sun.

Nick and I had just made it to the top of the mountain on the first day.

After we went skiing, we looked around at a few of the shops in Ruidoso before eating supper.  Kevin is so good at teaching our children good skills. ha!

We ate supper at Michelena's.  We had to wait an hour to get a table, but it was worth the wait.  Kevin and I could both be part Italian because we love Italian food so much.

Day two of skiing.  This was Nick's second time to go skiing and it took him awhile on the first day to remember how.  By day two, he was telling me to go skiing by myself.  He was done with me. : )  That was fine.  I quickly learned I am out of shape and was worn out pretty quickly.  Nick stuck to the green slopes (easy) while I prefer the blues (harder).  I am sure the next time we go skiing, he will leave me to ski on the blacks (hardest) while I stick with the blues.  I decided to make Nick go down a blue with me and he started to panic.  I spent about 30 minutes standing on a steep slope while trying to convince Nick he could ski down.  (At that point, he really didn't have a choice.)  By the time we finally made it down to the bottom I was worn out and retired my skis.

The conditions for skiing weren't very good because it was so warm.  It had gotten up to 50 degrees on the second day at Ski Cloudcroft.  The snow was icy in the shade and then really slushy in the sun.  Somehow I manage to not fall once, but came pretty close to falling several times when I would come down the mountain fast and then hit the slush! 

Riding on the lift.

Our skis.

I was actually skiing down one of the greens when I took this self-portrait.

Nick had just finished skiing as the slopes were closing.

The beautiful view as we headed back into Ruidoso.

We did a little shopping in Ruidoso for some t-shirts.  Nick found a new lady friend. lol.

We ate dinner on our final night (St. Patty's Day) at Farley's Food, Fun & Pub in Ruidoso.  Every single time we drove by that restaurant they were PACKED!  The food was really good.

Kevin may not have skiied, but he was the one who sunburned.  He spent lots of time looking at the snow trying to see us ski and the sun got him.

Nick must've still been thinking about that blue I made him ski down earlier that day. ha!

We made it home Thursday night.  We had lots of laundry to do.  Thankfully I had Bella to help me. ; )  We got home just in time for more winter weather.  We saw more snow at home on Saturday than we saw while in the mountains!  I sure do hope that was the last snow we have until next winter!  I am ready for spring!

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Marci said...

I love Bella's green monkey shirt, Ella has one too! So glad you guys got to go and have fun!!

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