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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bella couldn't keep her joy contained, she was so excited about being a part of my Easter mini sessions this afternoon in Downtown Childress.  I thought this picture of her with her mouth wide open was too funny.  She did surprisingly well having her picture made today and I am so excited about the pictures I took of her!!  This is the best she has done having her picture made since she started walking a year ago.  I guess she must have heard me telling the other moms how much she dislikes having her picture made.  She made a liar out of me! ha!  I also got some really great pictures of four other adorable little girls.  Looks I've got lots of work to get done this week!

Here's a funny story about our afternoon:  I had Kevin bring Bella downtown in her Easter dress so I could get few pictures of her while I had all of my Easter/Spring props already set up downtown.  Bella was running around behind the library and I was snapping pictures and a black cat comes running past us.  We have a black cat named "Stella" who I raised on a bottle in the house last summer after her mother and siblings were killed in our backyard!  This is one tough cat!  Of course, Bella starts yelling, "Stella!"  Kevin and I both looked at each other, but were sure that could not be our cat downtown.  The cat kept following us and rubbing against us and even let me hold her.  I told Kevin I was pretty sure it had to be her because of a white spot on her chest, but still had my reservations.  There are probably a million cats in Childress who look just like Stella!

We decided if it was Stella that she must have ridden in the back of Kevin's truck.  So he put the cat in the back and she jumped out and ran off.  Kevin decided to go home to see if Stella was there.  She was not!  Turns out that was our Stella who must have wanted her picture taken, too!  Kevin and I went back downtown and finally found her hiding in a trash barrel!  Poor Stella has had a hard life, but she is determined to stay alive and be a part of our family!

I'll be sharing more pictures from my mini sessions soon!

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