A Happy 5th Anniversary!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kevin and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary today! In this day, I would call that a huge success!  It seems like so many couples around us are breaking up and living separate lives, while we are striving to be stronger and closer each day. We plan on being together for many years to come.  Kevin is stuck with me no matter what. In honor of our anniversary, I thought I would share a few pictures from our wedding and a few things I love about Kevin and our family.

It's hard to believe that Brittany and Matraca have both graduated from high school and working in the mission field and Nick is a big, bad sixth grader!  In this picture, Matraca was in 8th grade, Nick 1st grade and Brittany a senior.  Man, time FLIES!!!!

One of my favorite traits about Kevin is his faith in God.  He strives to be a good example as a Christian at all times.  Well, maybe except when the Longhorns are losing! ha!

I love it that Kevin loves me and believes in me and the things I want to do.  He has given me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and to have the jobs that I love.

I love it that Nick and Kevin have become good friends in the last five years and have formed a special father/son relationship.  They have a lot of things in common and have enjoyed hunting, fishing, golfing, playing catch together - typical guy stuff.  Makes my heart melt!

He always holds my hand in the storms of life.

Kevin loves to travel, eat good food and have fun.  I am more laid back and am content to sit at home, eat ramen noodles and watch a movie.  He is good at pulling me away from the house so I can experience more of this world.  This picture is of us on our honeymoon cruise.  My waist hasn't been the same since.  : )  Kevin is also good about still taking me on dates even though we are an "old married couple" now. ha!  He also loves to cook and is always willing to help clean!  That is rare!

Each one of us has grown closer as a family.  Nick loves his sisters and they love him.  I am so thankful Kevin allowed me to have another baby.  Bella truly has made our family and my life complete.  Our lives were great before she was here, but she is just the cherry on top!

This was the last picture of all of us together as a family before Brittany left for South Africa.  Kevin amazes me as I have been able to sit back and watch him raise his girls.  The fact that two of his girls are willing to spend many months of their lives working in foreign countries as missionaries, says a lot about Kevin and what a wonderful parent he truly is.  Raising two teenage girls as a single father could not have been easy, but he did a wonderful job with them.  He is now doing a wonderful job helping me raise Nick and Bella.  I love it that he is already teaching Bella Bible verses and songs about Jesus.

We've had lots of changes in our lives in the last couple of years.  Each change has made us stronger and more united.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for our family!  Happy anniversary, Kevin!
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