I am loving......

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here a few things I am loving about this week..........

My kids and the new rounded corners and vintage actions I installed in Photoshop last week.  I can't stop messing with my pictures.  Hi, I'm Ericka.  I'm addicted to my kids, Coca-Cola, Chocolate, Photoshop, Photography Blogs and Facebook.  I can't go one day without all of these things!  Please tell me I'm not the only one with multiple addictions!  Help!

Bella was helping Nick with his homework. Ha!

The chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes I made last night.  Bella loved them, too!

My new hair cut!  I know, I'm lame.  I took pictures of myself with my point and shoot camera.  What can I say?  I hang out with one year olds all day long.  I have no life.  But, in my defense, I always love it when I get my hair cut, colored and styled.  But, I always forget what it looks like and can never seem to get it to look the same after I wash it and attempt to style it myself.  Now I can look back and remember that my hair really can look good - at least once every two months after a trip to the salon! : )

I am realllly loving that it is Friday!!!  TGIF!
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