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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well, here it is...... my last photo shoot for 2009! Wow! What a wonderful year it was!
I had the privilege of photographing Trey and Lea Morgan of Childress and their four boys, Taylor, Parker, Connor and Cooper. Trey is the minister at the Childress Church of Christ where I attend and is married to one of the sweetest ladies I know.
If you haven't heard Trey's sermons you are definitely missing out! He finds a way to step on my toes EVERY Sunday, but I always leave church feeling encouraged, smarter and stronger in my walk with God. And his sermons are just short enough that we always beat the other churches to the restaurants for lunch! We Childress folks are very blessed to have Trey and his family in our community. I told Kevin that if the Morgan's ever decide to move away, we are moving with them. : )
Trey is the first person I know to have a blog. I look forward to being encouraged and inspired by reading his blog every day! I have been amazed at the work that God has done through Trey and his blog.
We met downtown on the afternoon before Christmas Eve, just a few hours before the first round of snow blew in! We took a ton of pictures in two different locations in just 20 minutes and finished just as it started getting colder.

My favorite picture always goes on top. I didn't even tell them to kiss, they just did it! : )

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jel said...

Trey is right, U R Very good at this !

and the top pic is the best! :)

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