The Timmons Family

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Introducing the Timmons family...... Casey, Cricket, Caler, Cyler and Piper Jo. It has been fun to watch this family grow from two parents wanting to have a child to a family of five in what seemed like a few months! I had a lot of fun going to the Timmons' home to do their family pictures. I wasn't sure how well a photo shoot would go with two one year old toddlers and a six month old baby. But, they were some of the easiest tiny tots I've photographed!! The sun was just starting to set as we took these pictures. The sky made a beautiful background that night. Thank you, God! Have you noticed it is dark by 5:30 p.m. now? Yuck! It has really slowed me down on photography. But that's okay. I think winter is supposed to slow us down. I love winter nights by the fireplace with a good movie and hot cocoa!
Bella sat in my lap all day yesterday while I worked on these pictures talking about her friends, Caler and Cyler. She kept pointing at them saying, "Cute!" ha ha! I do agree with her, though, they are cuties! It'll be fun having our kids grow up together. Enjoy!

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Laura said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful family!

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