Oh how I LOVE it when they LIKE to kiss for pictures....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Here is a preview from the next set of family pictures I am working on! I think this picture may be classified as one of my all time FAVORITE pictures! If at all possible, I have been trying to snap a few "couples" pictures during my family shoots. It all depends on the ages of their kids and whether or not they might run off in front of a moving car or (here's a hint to those families with small kids that might hire me to photograph their family in the future) if they have brought an extra set of hands along to help to corral the kids.
I LOVE it when couples are willing to do more than just stand beside each other and attempt to smile for "just one" (as so many couples have told me) picture of "just us" while their children might be running wild!
I think it is fun to try to get married couples to show their affection for each other by kissing or AT LEAST holding hands or hugging for pictures just as if they were a newly engaged couple! Our need for affection doesn't change after the "I Do's" have been said, right, ladies?!?
Does anyone recognize who this cute couple is? Here are a few hints: The wife is Childress born and raised, she is from a family of all girls AND she loves those Texas Longhorns!
Sometime this weekend I will be revealing who this couple is and maybe even show off a few pictures of their two cute kids AND their niece and nephews! Happy Friday, everyone!

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Amy O'Connor said...

I think I know who it is! If I'm thinking right, I don't think she lives in Childress but most of her family still do.

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