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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am almost done editing the last of my 15 photo shoots from November! Thankfully ALL were done in time for Christmas! I don't think I've ever worked so hard and so much in my life! While it was a little stressful to get it all done, I am so glad I did it. I have lots of new ideas that I will be announcing in the near future! I have one photo shoot scheduled next week and then am taking some time off to spend some time with my family, learn some more about Photoshop and then start back with my photography business closer to spring. Thanks to all of the 36 families who have allowed me to photograph them in the last year! I have loved every single minute of it!!
I already have plans set up to do some different types of photography including, BABIES (my fav.), engagements, bridal portraits, business portraits, seniors and, of course, families! I can't wait! I am also thinking about selling prints next year for those who may be interested in professional prints at a very affordable price. And will still be putting the pictures on a CD for everyone!

Here is a little update on the fam. We took Bella to see Santa Clause at Sikes Center Mall last Saturday in Wichita Falls. She was fine looking at Santa, but wanted no part of sitting on his lap. Maybe next year.

He tried to get her to warm up to him by showing off his puppy. I don't think it worked.

Getting away from Santa.

Afterwards, she started yelling, "Santa, yoo hoo, come here!" She's a long distance lover.

Bella went shopping at the Build A Bear store for a new hair brush. That hair of hers has earned the right to a real hair brush! It is growing so fast now!

One of the few Christmas decorations we have outside. My dad made it a looong time ago and gave it to me. I actually have a picture somewhere of Nick sitting in front of it when he was Bella's age! No lights on the house this year, because we've been having our house rocked halfway up. It's just about done! Doesn't it look great? Can someone please tell me what kind of shutters I need to put on the house? I'm thinking black or dark stained cedar. Any suggestions?
One of Bella's favorite tricks that I actually caught on camera! She is showing us her muscles!

Nick had his first band concert last week at school. If you knew me in school then you will probably remember that I was a big ol' band nerd, but I LOVED it! I played the clarinet and really wanted to be a band director when I grew up. That didn't happen, but that's ok. God had better things planned for me!

The sixth graders did a good job, but definitely sounded like a beginner band. Nick plays trombone, by the way. I think that trombone is longer than me and Nick both! He is doing a great job and is currently sitting first chair!

Here is Miss Bella running down the halls of CJHS.

We are loving Christmas break so far. Nick's break started early since he was exempt from taking semester exams! Yay! Now we are looking forward to Christmas! Ho ho ho!


Amy O'Connor said...

I just love Bella's muscles pose!

You guys are nicer about Santa than I am. I just dropped Kaitlan in his lap and stepped back for the picture. The second ones we got (I need to post that one), the Santa was a good friend of ours and later on she started to look at him funny like he was familiar.

And yay for Nick and yay for band nerds!

The Rhinestones of a DramaQueen said...

I love Bella's "strut" down the halls of grand 'ol CJHS! Emma did the same thing with Santa too! Maybe next year! And dark stained cedar is my fav when looking at will never go out of style! I LOVE looking at all of your pics!

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