The Dill Family

Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally........ (Drum roll please!) Here is the Dill family - Jarod, Nicole, Blaven and Owen. I thought I would have all of these pictures done about three days ago, but the ol' back has been giving me fits this week and slowing me down a bit. I have also been using the Dill family pictures to experiment with some new photoshop actions that I installed yesterday. If you are a photoshop user and are not using actions, learn about them and install them NOW. You will thank me, I promise!
If you don't know what an action is, it is a series of commands recorded in photoshop that will make changes to a photograph at the click of a mouse. Photoshop can be so time consuming, and these actions are saving me a TON of time! AND they really seem to give the pictures that bold "pop" I've been looking for. You may not be able to tell any difference, but I sure can in the time that it took me to get these photos to look so great - all with one click! You can find out more about the FREE photoshop actions I am using here. If you are interested in actions, I will warn you. It took me a LOONNNG, LOONNNG time to figure out how to install these babies. But once I figured out how to install them, they were so simple to use!
In case you missed my first post of Blaven and Owen dressed up a cute cowboys, you can check them out here!

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