The Corley Family

Monday, December 7, 2009

Introducing the Corley family - David, Elaine, Connor and Emma. Did you recognize David and Elaine in the previous post? Elaine (Garcia) Corley is a former Childress Lady Bobcat! I was so excited when Elaine told me they would be in Childress and wanted me to take their family pictures. I'll post more pictures tomorrow of Connor and Emma, along with their cousins from the Garcia family.
Sometimes when I take family pictures, the husbands are tired of pictures before the kids. That was not the case in this family. David was a lot of fun to photograph and kept me laughing. When we thought we were done taking pictures, David told Elaine he wanted to take more pictures of them as a couple. I am so glad we took more pictures of them, because they turned out great! Thanks, David and Elaine!

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Amy O'Connor said...

Yay! I was right! Their photos are great. I love that he wanted more of the two of them. My hubby would be one that was ready to call it a day!

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