Ciara Harbin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I got to photograph Ciara Harbin about two weeks ago. Her mom, Stephanie Harbin, told me I could pick her up and we could go wherever we wanted to take her pictures and to just surprise her! So we took full advantage. Since it was just the two of us girls it gave us the freedom to cover several locations in a short time. Plus, it was freeeezing outside, so we would stop somewhere, snap a few pictures and jump in the car to warm up. It was fun and a good workout for both of us. I decided to try out some new places downtown that I've been looking at using. I think they turned out great and you can't tell that we were both so cold! I hope you are surprised, Stephanie!

I always put my favorite picture on the top. I LOVE this picture! She looks like a super model and so grown up.


Stephanie Harbin said...

Quote perfect!! It made me cry, because I prayed and prayed for years for a baby girl!!

Ericka Moore Photography said...

I thought that verse was perfect for you! : )

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