The Reed Family

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I got to meet up with some of my favorite folks on Halloween to take their family pictures! Meet the Reed family. Tara and I graduated in the same class (CHS Class of 1998!) and have known each other forever.

The best part is that Bella and I get to hang out with her sweet kids, Olivia and Jonah, every day! They stay with me during the week while their parents are working. They are great kids and we love having them in our home! Bella loves them so much she runs after them when they leave at the end of the day and talks about them all the time.

These pictures were taken at The Seed Bin. I will have one more post of the Reed's taken in downtown Childress!

This is my FAVORITE!


allie nelson said...

i love them ericka! thank you so much!!!

Jackie said...

They are great!! I hear about Olivia all the time from Montana! :)

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