Pebbles and the Nerd

Monday, November 2, 2009

Here is a look at how we celebrated Halloween during October. Halloween is my second favorite season behind Christmas! I love little Halloween clothes, and Bella had five shirts to wear throughout the month! I didn't want to take the decorations down so I decided taking pictures would be the next best thing! Now I'm ready to decorate for Christmas in a few weeks! It'll be interesting to see how a Christmas tree holds up this year with all the toddlers I have running through my house!

Can you tell how excited Bella is about having another picture taken!

Okay, a little dead leaf and a song makes it more fun!

Two of Bella's best pals, our dog, Muffy, and our cat, Stella.

Bella wasn't too sure whether or not to give me a kiss with my new face.

A few decorations.....

Kitchen table

Dining room table

Two of the felt buckets I decorated for my daycare kiddos. They were on the awesome dollar aisle at Target!

I was putting some makeup on Miss Pebbles.

Bella and Nick the Nerd (again)! Nick broke my heart and gave up on trick or treating a couple years ago, but he had a costume party to attend Saturday night. He dressed up as a nerd while we took Bella trick or treating and then changed into his rock star costume before the party. (Oops, no pictures of that one!)

Pebbles trick or treating downtown.

Nick the Nerd found a cool car! And thankfully Bella found two good witches handing out candy!

Trick or treating at our Granny's house!

Bella trick or treating at her Nana & Grandad's house!

Bella & Grandad (my dad)

Me, Kevin and Bella (trying to get away!)

Nana and Bella (my mom)

Bella got to pick out her own candy at her Nanny's house (Kevin's mom)! Now we have more sugar than we know what to do with! Happy Halloween!!


holly moya said...

she is just too cute!!

Amy said...

I love that it was nice enough for her to go in true Flintstone fashion... barefoot!

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