The Parents of Baby "H"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've been wanting to blog about something, anything today...... but don't have enough photos ready from any of my recent photo shoots. This wet, dark and dreary weather was nice for a day or two, but after a week of it I need some sunshine!
Since I can't blog about anything too interesting today and I can't go outside, here is another preview from my recent photo shoot with the parents of the soon-to-be-born Baby "H"! I love this picture and figure it's worth sharing by itself. I don't know why I have an obsession with pictures of people from the neck down. I think they are cute! Kevin thinks I'm crazy.
So, can anyone guess who these lucky parents are?? I've already had a couple people say they think they know! According to Baby H's momma, he or she should be here in the next couple weeks!!
Check back tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to reveal who these lucky parents are!!

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