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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well, I hate to say it, but it looks like my schedule is full of photography appointments through the end of the year! I decided to take only a handful of appointments to TRY to have pictures for everyone by Christmas. And, of course, to be able to spend the holidays with my family without feeling a need to "work". Last month, I had to reschedule appointments more than once thanks to the wind and rain that we've been having recently. I predict the weather will be getting in my way again this month.

Some people have asked me if I wanted to open up a studio some day. I have no plans of ever having a "studio". I like the idea of natural-light, outdoor photography. I think it is beautiful and unique. In a studio you are limited to backgrounds and props. They have lots of great backgrounds and props at Sears, so I figure if you need a studio picture, why not go there?!? I like trying to be different and have my own style and I think outdoor photography allows me to do just that.

I could not get to do what I've been doing if it weren't for the support of my husband and kiddos. They have taken up the slack when I've been away with no complaints! I would love to take every one's pictures, but I don't want to miss out on any of these memories.....

This is Nick's last year of flag football (tear). He was fortunate enough to be on the Longhorns team this year and has finished the regular season in SECOND place! I am so proud. That earned them a week off from Saturday games and are going to be playing in the final playoff games next Saturday (the 7th) for a chance at playing in the super bowl (on Sunday, of course)! I've never been much of a sports fanatic, but when my son is playing I can really get into it. There have been some really exciting games over the years and there have been some heart breakers. All in all flag football has been a great experience for our family. Next year will be the real deal -tackle! Yikes!!

Here is Miss Bella "texting" her friends. : )

Big Nick in "defense" mode.

Since I've been so busy taking and editing pictures lately, Bella has had to start cleaning the floors for me. (Yea right.)

And she has to help Kevin cook supper.

But after all that work, she cleans up pretty nice at the end of the day!

Thankfully, she can brush her own teeth now. And loves it!

I've been spending so much time with photography lately, Nick turned into a nerd! lol Actually this was his outfit for "nerd" day at school this week. I think he is a cute nerd!

Hopefully, when life slows down a bit I can change Nick from a nerd to a cool kid again!

Seriously, I really appreciate everyone for taking interest in my photography. I have dreamed of being a family photographer forever and have done lots of homework to learn about it. I look forward to photographing YOU some day! : )
And one last thought, don't forget to become a fan of my photography on Facebook by Saturday the 31st for a chance to win a free photo session!


Amy said...

Being that I am a true blue "Mommy Blogger" I am so glad to see pics of your adorable family! Bella is getting so big and she is as beautiful as ever!

Hope life slows down a little for ya, but I'm so happy to have had the opportunity for my kids to be photographed by you!! You're a pleasure to do buisness with as well as get to know on a more personal basis! See ya soon!

Jackie said...

I am SO glad that we got booked before you closed for the year :), but I understand wanting to be there for your kids! I can't wait to get to know you cause it feels like I spend most of my time in Childress, so I have more friends here! lol

Thank you again!! :)


I'm NOT glad you're booked for the rest of the year. I waited too long because I had planned on talking to you about shooting some Morgan family pictures when Taylor is home this Christmas. Let me know if something opens up.

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