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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can you believe that this is the view from my front door right now?? When Kevin and I married, I really didn't appreciate the fact that I'd be living right across the street from Scott Lake.
Since I've been a stay-at-home mom, I have found myself looking across the street and taking in this beautiful view several times a day. During the spring there are a ton of pretty wildflowers that grow and during the fall, well, I think this picture speaks for itself.
Nick has spent hours and hours over there catching the not so big fish that reside in that lake. He has even adopted a few fish and put them in his fish aquarium. Sadly all of his fish died and some kind of fungus has grown in his aquarium so we are having to try and disinfect it. The water in the lake is yucky to say the least, but it is pretty from a distance. From what I've been told, this lake was made as a dumping ground for oil for the railroad many years ago. It is amazing that any live animal can live in that water. And according to our neighborhood kids, there is some type of "monster" or creature that lives in the deep waters of Scott Lake! lol : )
I am glad God gives us beautiful scenery like this so we can appreciate His beauty and all He created. I am also thankful that He gives us different seasons in the weather and in our lives.

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Stephanie Harbin said...

I love the picture. It is beautiful scenery. I can look down my road in the spring and for about 7 or 8 blocks see the pink on mimosa trees and it looks so neat. Someday, I will have to get a picture of it. I love knowing that we have a LAKESCOTT MONSTER ALSO. I may have to make my class write about it. Don't let Nick bring home any strange water creatures!!!

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