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Monday, October 5, 2009

Seriously?!? Two posts in one day? Yep, that's right! It's wet outside, kids are napping and I am in the mood for picture editing today. AND I couldn't wait until tomorrow to share these pictures with you that I took of the Churchill family last week in downtown Childress. I have been wanting to take some downtown pictures for awhile and Kristie was more than happy to have some "alley" pictures taken. These pictures were taken in the alley behind The Childress Index and the library. I am thinking when the grass and flowers are dead this winter, I am going to be hitting downtown for some cool winter-time backgrounds!


Okay, the above photos are a continuation of the barn pics from the previous post! The rest are from downtown.

One foot propped on the wall is the pose that Creek seemed prefer the most. I think from now on I'll just tell people to do the "Creek pose"! He and his sister really could be models for Gap Kids, right!?!

Check back tomorrow for one last post of pictures that were taken at The Seed Bin with all of Jamie's awesome pumpkins! I love fall!

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