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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I LOVE these pictures of Marisol! If I had to choose one picture to be my favorite, I couldn't. To not even be 15 yet, she is very beautiful and looks very grown up!

People are always asking me what to wear for pictures. I think Marisol is a great example of accessorizing. I think accessories of any kind make pictures unique and really stand out! The bracelets, big earrings, the HAT, the vest, the tie and the high heel shoes are all great choices! I also like lots of layers of clothing. An added belt or scarf would really look great! I could go on and on...

This is Marisol's favorite. I like it, too.

If you had to choose a favorite, which would it be??

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Jackie said...

My name is Jackie Woods & I sent you an e-mail yesterday about getting pictures made in November. My e-mail is if you can let me know if your available. Thanks!!

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