No Sessions Left in October!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I have booked all of the photography sessions I have time for in October! I appreciate everyone taking interest in my hobby and have enjoyed this new venture in my life. If you are interested in a portrait session for November, please feel free to contact me the last week in October to schedule an appointment. I am only taking a couple appointments per week so space will be limited and (hopefully) will fill up fast!

Starting in November, my fee will be raised to $65 for a family or single photo session (unless I have quoted you otherwise). Photo editing is totally worth the "trouble", but it has taken up a lot of my time. I need to make sure it is worth the time I am spending on enhancing your photographs. The session will include a CD with 40-50 high quality photos including one or two collages. You will have full copyright permission to do what you want with the photos.

I've also had a lot of interest in large, extended family portraits (grandparents, kids, grand kids, etc.) and will be glad to tackle those large groups for $150. That will include large group shots, individual family shots, individual kids, etc. - anything you want!

I am also going to be offering a more affordable Christmas card mini-photo session for $35 that will include two Christmas card designs and ten portraits on a CD. (Again with full copyright permission for you.) I will be able to order your Christmas cards for you or you can order them yourself with the CD.

Thanks, again, to everyone for letting me take your photos!!


Amy said...

Girl, you're making me nervous!! Are we still down for 6:30 Monday, Oct. 5th? Can't wait!!

Ericka Moore Photography said...

Yes ma'am! Just tell me where and I'll be there!

Ericka Moore Photography said...

And, Amy, if the 5th doesn't work out we'll find another date in the near future! :)

Amy said...

Kooper hasn't been having practice on Monday nights and Jason is in town on Mondays, so it should work great for me!! I can't wait. I'm thinking either the park or gazebo park. Is one better than the other? Do you have any other suggestions for where?

Stephanie Harbin said...


I want to get a session for Ciara in November. Maybe towards the end of the month. Her birthday is Dec 6th and I want pics for her birthday. If I wait until the last week of October to schedule with you, I am scared you will be all booked up!!!

Ericka Moore Photography said...

Stephanie, I promise we'll get Ciara's pictures. I just don't want to schedule anything too far in advance. : )

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