Happy, Happy Fall!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I LOVE fall and everything about it. The changing colors outside, falling leaves, cool weather, open windows, Halloween, sweaters, football, hot chocolate and the fireplace. I was reminded today of some of the pictures that I took last year of Miss Bella when she was still a baby. It was an easy, simple and pleasant time in my life where most of my day was devoted to only her. What a blessing it was then and now to be able to stay home with her! I sure do miss this adorable little baby, but LOVE everything she has become - a prissy, opinionated, jewelry wearing, shoe loving, ball playing little girl. I can't wait to take more pictures of her this year in her Halloween outfits and costume! Thank you, God, for blessing us with this season!!

I love those chubby cheeks on my little kitty!

1 comment:

Stephanie Harbin said...

So cute!! What is she gonna be this year?

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