Tubing on the Pontoon Boat!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Sunday we were able to rent a fun pontoon boat and most everyone spent the day tubing. My little water baby decided she didn't like wearing her life jacket on the boat and cried most of the time. We spent the afternoon hanging out at our cabin while the rest of the gang stayed on the boat.

My niece, Camryn
Seeing my cute 2-year-old niece, Camryn, wear her awesome sunglasses and Barbie life jacket was my favorite part of the boat ride. She wore those awesome sunglasses even while napping. Isn't she adorable? She definitely looks like a movie star! I couldn't stop taking her picture!

Nick with his lake-weekend mohawk, my brother, Joseph, and Camryn

Bella and I during our morning ride on the boat

Camryn still in those awesome glasses!

Spending the morning on the boat was exhausting for Bella and
Camryn and they finally fell asleep.

Joseph and Maycin

Nick getting thrown off of the tube. He doesn't look very happy.

My bro looking happy after throwing Nick off of the tube!

This is a picture of the boat we rented. I wish it was ours!

The gang eating hamburgers after a fun day on the lake.

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