Monkey Business

Monday, August 31, 2009

I haven't shared any pictures of Bella "monkeying" around lately so I thought this was the perfect picture to post on my blog! I'm loving all of the new cute t-shirts for fall at Target and, of course, we can't live without our "Berkie Bows"!

I am loving that Bella's hair is getting longer and we can experiment by trying different things with it! Here is her first pony tail in the back that we tried today. It only lasted until nap time and then it was gone. But it sure did look cute! My favorite hair-do for Bella is still the pony tail or "spout" on top of her head with a big bow! Bella is finally starting to show more of a "girly" side lately thanks to her "girly" friend, Olivia, who hangs out with us every day! She is starting to love on her baby dolls (and throw them occasionally) and loves jewelry and purses. Oh, and don't forget about shoes! Nearly every morning she finds this necklace (that's been broken twice) and puts it on! Her toys of choice are still balls of any kind and her brother's old cars and trucks. That's the beauty of being a girl, though, right?!? We really can have our cake and eat it too. : )

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