First Day of School

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Falling under peer pressure has never been my style, but after seeing everyone else's first day of school pictures on their blogs, I decided to post some of Nick's pictures. Of course, there are no pictures of Nick at school, but I did manage to "force" him to smile for a few pictures before we left the house. It is so hard to believe that Nick actually started junior high yesterday. While I am excited about this new chapter in his life, it is just so hard to believe that he is actually old enough for junior high! (Actually just that I am old enough!) Here a few of my handsome Nick - and with no mohawk (thank God!).

It is strange not having Matraca at home with us and going to school, too. We are really missing having her here everyday! When Kevin and I started dating, Matraca was in 6th grade, Brittany was a sophomore and Nick was in preschool. Now Nick is in 6th grade, Brittany is a missionary in South Africa and Matraca has graduated from CHS! That just shows me how fast these last few years are going to fly by with Nick.

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