The Cliff's at PK

Monday, August 10, 2009

Since Kevin own a lot at The Cliff's at Possum Kingdom, we had the opportunity to bring a friend for a real estate tour and everyone got to spend one night for free! The rooms at The Cliff's normally cost $200 per night and we didn't have to pay a dime! My brother, Joseph, was willing to bring his family and take the real estate tour for the free night! We all had fun spending the weekend of July 31-August 3 together with our two big boys and two little girls. We spent the first night at the Cliff's and the other two nights at PK Lodge in two adorable little cabins. (By the way, Kevin's lot is for sale. It would be a great place to build a home. Any takers? ;) )

The Cliff's Resort consists of hotel rooms; condos, a playground; a beautiful, but hard golf course that covers the entire property; four swimming pools and a spa. We never got to experience the pools, because everyone enjoyed the beach too much. We decided we can swim in a pool anytime at home. On Saturday morning, Emma and I were scheduled for a free 30-minute massage. When we woke up we had no water in our room and were told the spa had to close because the pump that brings water into the resort had been struck by lightning and it would take most of the day to repair it. I was disappointed, but we still had a fun day.

The Cliff's was a nice place to stay, but we all enjoyed our cabins the most. Here are a few pictures from The Cliff's.

Me and Nick on the balcony.

Emma and I took the girls to the playground Friday afternoon before heading to the beach.
Emma and Camryn on the slide.

I love it that Joseph and I both have girls only 11 months apart who will grow up together. They are the cutest little girls! Thanks to Joseph and Emma for taking the long 2-hr. real estate tour!

Bella and Nick enjoying the beautiful view from the balcony in our room.

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