Little Swimmer

Friday, June 19, 2009

Isabella has turned out to be quite the little swimmer. She has no fear of the water and that scares me to death! Most small toddlers are scared of water, but not Bella. She is more than willing to put her face in the water and would probably jump right in the deep end of the pool if I let her. There is not going to be much relaxing for me this year at the pool. Looks like I will be getting plenty of exercise chasing her around. We bought her this adorable giraffe baby pool but it is not as much fun to her as the big pool at the Country Club.

That's my girl - always playing with balls! No baby dolls for this girl.

Typical girl - laying out in the sun. (We were actually in the shade.)

We went to the pool at the Country Club last night and Bella had a blast. We stayed until 9:30 - way past her bedtime. She cried when we made her leave. She had a good time swimming with her dad. He cleans the pool so this is the first time we've gotten him to come and play with us.

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